Students’ Review

“I began practicing yoga a couple of years ago in Jerusalem and I was fortunate enough to have heard about Aryan through a friend. After going to his class, I can say that I was immediately hooked not just to the practice of Ashtanga and Hatha, but also to the teaching style of Aryan and how he conducted his class. He is one of the main reasons that I have maintained a vigorous yoga routine and his classes have really transformed me in both a physical and spiritual way.

While the yoga practice for Ashtanga is the same from class to class, it is rare to find a teacher that you can connect with and that is right for you. Aryan has proven to me, as well as many others, that he is such a talented and patient teacher that brings a special energy to each class and helps his students push to the next level in their yoga practice. I would highly recommend Aryan (and I do to all my friends here!) to anyone who is either beginning in Yoga or already has a strong foundation. Apart from being a great teacher, he is also super knowledgeable about the human body, healing, meditation, Pranyama and many other important factors related to yoga that not every teacher has. I look forward to continuing my lessons with him and hopefully one day taking one of his teacher training courses. All the best and good luck!”

Jacob, USA


“This summer i took Aryan’s TTC in Tel Aviv.
it was a great experience for me as a practitioner and as a new teacher.
first of all, Aryan is a really talented teacher, with a lot of knowledge about yoga in general (philosophy), postures with all the alignments , the human body, adjustments for different body anatomy etc.
he is a super patient teacher, he answered same question again and again until we got the whole point, and kept smiling and made us feel comfortable with ourselves.
Aryan gave me the confidence to start teaching at the moment i finished the course, and i think it says everything.
I know that i can ask him questions about teaching whenever i want to.
beside that, he is nice, modest and has a really interesting classes….
he is really recommended as a teacher.
good luck! :)”

Or, Israel


“I want to recommend on Aryan classes. First of all he is an amazing person and you feel really comfortable to trust him during a class or just in asking some question. Secondly- he is the most professional teacher i have ever met. I also did his yoga teacher-training course and it was amazing. He has a lot of authentic knowledge a bout the yoga and the philosophy and you can really trust him in any way.”

Mor Hikri, Israel


“Being to many Yoga teachers in India and Israel, Aryan was definitely on of the best teachers I’ve met. It begins with him being extremely attentive and caring during the classes and continues with him being an inspiring teacher, with a great deal of knowledge. In every class with Aryan, I learned something new about a posture and about how to practice safely. Above all Aryan’s classes are a very unique, profound and calming experience that I’m glad I had a chance to experience.

Aryan is defiantly one of the best teacher for Yoga I ever met. I believe he is even better than some of the best teachers in Israel. He is extremely professional, and knows how to fit the practice to the class level. He is also a very responsible teacher and explains the postures in a very precise way so you can practice safe and not get injured. I did a Yoga teacher course in Israel and I believe the level of his teacher course is even better and I highly recommend anyone who practice Ashtanga to take his course for teacher training!”

Moran, Israel


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