How to avoid injuries in Yoga

Imagine what years of misalignment can do to your body. Can you imagine how repetitive misaligned chaturangas will affect the low back if you regularly hung your hips down? Think about what hundreds of upward facing dog could do to that complex group of muscles known as the rotator cuff if you arched the upper back without strengthening your legs, chest and core.

The key is to bring mindful attentiveness to your body, reducing the risk of injury, specially during faster-paced styles of yoga as Ashtanga or Vinyasa. The most famous form of yoga is the physical part known as Yoga Asanas (postures).

There are many techniques of this physical aspect of yoga, different people like different types of yoga as whatever suits them better. However, there is one thing in common between all kinds of Yoga: Correct alignment. Yoga Asanas done without awareness of correct alignment can lead us to long lasting injuries.

This workshop has been designed to bring awareness to any kind of practitioner, either if you are considering to start your practice, you are an advanced practitioner or a teacher.

Let’s learn to avoid injuries in yoga asanas.

What are we going to learn?

  • The most common places that get injured in yoga (wrists, joints– specially elbows, shoulders & knees–,, neck, lower back, hips, or hamstrings).
  • Anatomy Vs. Bad Habits: understanding what we are possible doing wrong that causes pain and therefore injuries. For example, forward bends can easily lead to bulging disks and other low back injuries if using the wrong muscles.
  • Which poses should be done to be ready to deepen in a more demanding pose
  • Focus on how to do the postures correctly.
  • How to detect overuse of the muscles involved & over-stretching.
  • Calming the mind, listening to the body. Your body can tell you much more thank you think. Learn to listen carefully.
  •  How to respect the body and going out of postures step by step.

Yoga is and ancient and wonderful tool which can benefit anyone. On all levels, from physical to mental, emotional and even spiritual. Anyone who is suffering from any kind of problem in life can benefit from Yoga. As yoga asanas suppose to help our body, not to injure, if the contrary its happening then its time to find out why and to become aware of it to help yourself, and to help others.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, weather you are a yoga teacher or advanced practitioner or even a beginner in yoga. Having an understanding about it will only bring light to your practice.